Indian River Adventures is made up of a group of Central Florida fishing guide services that each specialize in a different area of light tackle fishing. Most of their guides have over thirty years experience fishing this area. So if you're looking for a Flats Guide to help you catch Redfish, Gator Trout, Tarpon or Snook they have a guide that can put you on fish. If you are looking for an Offshore guide to help you catch kingfish, Sailfish, Grouper or one of the many others, Look no further, they have a guide for you.

They are located just 45 minutes from Orlando. Their job is to help you catch fish and have a good time doing it. To see what they are catching now check their Florida fishing report. Each guides rates are posted on their web pages. Join their mailing list and get their latest fishing reports.

Fish you can catch

Red Drum (redfish)

The red drum is one of the most sought after fish along the Space Coast. Pound for pound, this fish is one of the flats' strongest. These fish can be spotted as far away as 200 feet when they are feeding on the bottom with their tails sticking out of the water. The most common way to catch these fish is to stalk them across the flats, trying to cast as close as possible without spooking them. Once you have landed one of these powerful fish you'll be hooked. Common Redfish sizes average from 30 to 50+ inches, or 15 to 40 lbs. Currently the state record is 52 lbs., 5 oz. Numerous state records have been caught in the Cocoa Beach area.

Black Drum

Unlike their red cousin, these drum are usually caught in the deep water around bridges with live or dead bait. These fish are true powerhouses, taking a strong arm to pull them up into the boat. I have seen these fish break 100 pound test like it was thread as they made their run. Common Black Drum sizes range from 10 to 60+ inches, with the average around 25 lbs. Currently the state record is 96 lbs.


The snook is another greatly desired fish found in the Indian River. Not only is it a strong competitor, it can move as fast as lightning. There are few things better in life than watching one of these monsters grab a top-water lure. This fish is most commonly found around shaded or rocky areas. However, it is not uncommon to find them moving across the flats in the early morning hours. Common Snook sizes range from 5 to 8 lbs. on the flats. Currently the state record is 44 lbs. 3 oz.

Spotted Seatrout

The Spotted Seatrout is one of the most common fish caught in the Indian River and a lot of fun on light tackle. These fish will hit almost anything that moves, anywhere in the river. Because of the number of people that caught these fish in the 50’s and 60's, this area of Florida was called the "Trout Capital of The World". Unfortunately, over-fishing by net fisherman in the 70's to early 90's made it hard to find them. Five years ago, a law banning net fishing in the river was passed, and now their numbers are exploding. There has even been talk of bringing back the name, "Trout Capital". Common Trout sizes range from 10 to 36 inches or 1 to 12 lbs. Currently the state record is 17 lbs. 7 oz.

Jack Crevalle

You may think trout are a lot of fun but you haven't had a good time till you’ve caught a Jack. It doesn't matter how big or small, these fish will run you ragged when they are in a feeding frenzy. I have followed schools of 2 to 3 pounders around till my arms were so sore I couldn't hold my rod. These fish are most commonly found near schools of bait fish. If you want to hook into something that packs a big punch for its size, you have to give these fish a try. Common Jack Crevalle sizes range from 12 to 30 inches or 1 to 15 lbs. Currently the state record is 57 lbs.


If you are looking for power and size, tarpon are your fish. They are the largest, most powerful of their part-time river residents. Unfortunately, the larger fish (100 to 170 lbs.) are only here for a short time in the spring and fall. But when they are here, Hold On! You haven't felt the power of the flats till you hook into one of these giants. Common tarpon sizes range from 20 to 60 lbs. Currently the state record is 243 lbs.


The smaller cousin of the tarpon, the lady fish is anything but what its name suggests. These fish will hit a lure as fast as it hits the water, and when they do, most of the time they head straight for the air. Don't let their size fool you, this fish has a lot of heart. They are also a lot of fun on light tackle and fly. These fish are a great way to teach the little ones how to fight a fish. Common Ladyfish sizes range from 1 to 3 lbs. Currently the state record is 6 lbs.